Nyyukin custom typeface




Typeface Design

KittoKatsu will launch its own jewelry brand very soon. Here is a first glimpse at the custom typeface we developed for our new company:

Initially created as an outline version for the company logo, the typeface was then simplified to a regular weight, making it a custom headline font for all brand communication.The typeface with its geometric design and sinuous curves mirrors the aesthetic of the pieces of jewelry while also capturing their key feature –each cuff comes with a colorful inlay that can be exchanged according to one’s style or mood. The outline style in particular is crafted to reflect the seamless fit of the two different parts by giving it an extra line that wraps tightly around the letterforms. Giving the outline two different colors the concepts becomes most visible.

With its distinct visual style and by being a direct translation of the product’s features, the two typefaces become a strong and unique branding element.