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Bold brand strategy

By questioning conventions together, we open up potential for innovation and reinvention for brands.

Why Forward-Thinking Brand Strategy Should Challenge Conventions?

The difference lies in whether brands choose to conform to the conventions of their respective markets (to align with established customer expectations) or aspire to reshape the market, reinvent it, question norms, and venture boldly into new territory. Brands can certainly follow market conventions and achieve (long-term) success—there are plenty of examples to prove it. However, those who rest on this status quo will inevitably find themselves surpassed, if not today, then certainly tomorrow. On both sides, emerging brands are constantly challenging the status quo, taking painful bites out of market share that once belonged to the established giants.

Why the Passion of the Agency Partner Makes a Big Difference?

We often hear, ‚Brand strategy is interchangeable‘ (and the same sentiment applies to the field of design). Most of the time, our response is ‚true‘ or ‚you’re right.‘ However, the more critical question revolves around where a young or established brand wants to go. Is brand strategy just one task among many, or is it about creating something extraordinary? A brand that surprises? Tangible differentiation. Bold pioneering. Challenging conventions or traditions. And with what passion do the hired consultants actually work on it?

Here at KittoKatsu, we understand that we have a different perspective on brands compared to many of our competitors. Our clients are not average, and we are not an average branding agency. We are passionate subject matter enthusiasts. We delve deep into the tangible or intangible products of our clients and their origins, to the extent that we impress (or sometimes even bore) our friends with real expertise in specialized areas during dinner conversations. We aim to shift market conventions (or at least stretch them far). We have no interest in conventional solutions. We seek the potential for innovation and reinvention. This is how brand strategy with courage and character is born. Brand strategies with tangible differentiation. Brand strategies with empathy. Brand strategy for future brands.

„We are smart enough to know that we don’t know everything. But we are trained to ask the right questions in order to arrive at new perspectives together.“

Philippe Henco – Managing Partner Strategy, KittoKatsu

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