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story telling through Web Design

How Do You Create Compelling Websites?

The development of compelling websites is segmented into four key areas:

  • Storytelling Development
  • Creative Guiding Principle of the Website / Website Design
  • Development of Visual Content
  • Technical Development and Implementation


The two central aspects, storytelling and content development, are often underestimated despite their significant influence on the success of a website. The foundation of a persuasive website lies in crafting an engaging brand and/or product story. Without this essential conceptual effort, the result of any website project will be merely average. The story is the linchpin for a strong creative concept and exciting visual content.

What Is Snackable Content?

Brand websites are increasingly becoming platforms for conveying (even complex) content quickly and engagingly. Moving away from lengthy texts towards a story that is both textually and visually appealing—portioned into pleasantly consumable steps or snackable content. This requires well-thought-out storytelling that quickly communicates core messages at a high level and provides enough anchor points for deeper exploration into these core messages. Content must be structured and visually designed in such a way that easy navigation between levels of information is possible, while keeping the visitor in the flow of the main story. Beyond important content hierarchy, textual messages must also be supported by a dynamic world of images and graphics—the visual content. The development of innovative visuals combined with story and an intuitive flow are the central accomplishments of well-considered websites.

What Makes a Website Successful?

Only a holistic approach and management of all service components, from content development to technical implementation, can activate the full communication potential.



  • The interlocking development of story and design creates important synergy effects and impact for the brand.
  • Early involvement of website developers in the visual and content storytelling opens up space for innovative solutions.
  • Websites with a holistically developed story, flow, and visuality convert better.

How We Can Support You?

  • Content Development for Websites: Narrative & Storytelling
  • Crafting a Creative Vision for Website Design
  • Custom Design of Individual Pages
  • Development of Visual Story Content
  • Creation of Specifications and Briefings for Development
  • Brand Governance During Programming
  • Support Through Launch
  • Ongoing Website Maintenance