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Our Story

Read here to discover why our name has nothing to do with cats and how our work is inspired by the Japanese pursuit of perfection.

In the bustling streets of Tokyo, a phrase often encouragingly given to people facing an impending challenge or exam „Kitto Katsu,“ translating to a heartwarming „You will surely win.“ It is an affirmation, a gentle yet powerful nudge toward audacious dreams and endeavors, embodying a spirit that resonates deeply within the corridors of our agency.

KittoKatsu is more than merely a name. For us it encapsulates not only a positive forward-looking spirit, but it is intricately woven with a philosophy derived from the land of the rising sun. A philosophy that appreciates the finesse of minimalism, celebrates the relentless pursuit of perfection, and adheres to a standard of paramount quality. Every brand story we tell, every visual journey we curate, is a reflection of this ethos, ensuring that our creations not only speak but also resonate.

Imagine a meticulously crafted Japanese garden, where every rock, every tree, every gentle stream is deliberately placed, not just for aesthetic appeal, but to tell a story. That is the essence of our approach towards brand building. We do not just assemble elements; we compose narratives, ensuring each aspect, from strategy to communication, from design to execution, harmoniously converges to not just represent but become your brand.Together we sculpt unparalleled, tailor-made brand experiences that don’t just navigate but define F&B, cosmetics as well as healthcare industries, win hearts, and most importantly, ensure that ‘you will surely win’.

Established in 2015 by couple and Japan aficionados Vera and Philippe Henco, KittoKatsu has built a reputation of a strong and reliable branding partner. Learn more about our team

Our Services

Our capabilities span across, but are not limited to, Brand Strategy & Identity, Website & Digital Design, Packaging Design and Art Direction. Most importantly: we tailor every package to fit your specific needs, because there is no one-fits-all solution. Find a full list of our services below:


Brand Strategy

  • Brand positioning
  • Brand architecture
  • Brand Workshops
  • Brand Stories & Narratives
  • Brand & Product Naming
  • Product Launches
  • Communication Concepts
  • B2B Communication

Brand positioning

Carve out a distinctive market space to shape your brand perception, not only to resonate but also to compellingly differentiate it in the consumer’s mind.

Brand architecture

Construct a solid brand with our meticulously devised architectures, aligning business and brand strategies to emanate a consistent and potent brand expression.

Brand Workshops

Dive into interactive workshops with us, exploring your brand’s essence and co-creating strategies that elevate its market presence and impact with a dash of serious fun.

Brand Stories & Narratives

Let’s weave narratives that embody your brand, ensuring your story is not just heard, but deeply felt and vivaciously lived by your audience.

Brand & Product Naming

Embark on a naming journey where our strategies tell stories, ensuring your brand and product names are not just catchy, but true reflections of their essence.

Product Launches

Launch your brand with a bang with our strategies that ensure your product doesn’t just enter the market but makes a statement, thrusting your brand into the spotlight.

Communication Concepts

Craft communications that do more than message; they create experiences, ensuring each word aligns with your brand, driving engagement and robust brand recall.

B2B Communication

Sail through B2B communication, ensuring clarity, compelling narratives, and converting strategies that forge lasting business relationships and drive value.


Brand Identity

  • Corporate Design/ Brand Identity
  • Logo Design
  • Packaging Design
  • Photography & Illustration
  • Web Design / UX & UI

Corporate Design/ Brand Identity

Join us in crafting a corporate design that does more than look good. We make your brand’s spirit tangible at every touchpoint, creating a visually consistent and resonant identity that boldly speaks your ethos.

Logo Design

Dive into a world where logos tell tales. Your brand’s soul is encapsulated in a symbol that’s more than a visual anchor: it’s an invitation into your brand’s universe, reflecting its essence and journey.

Packaging Design

Your packaging does more than house your product; it silently converses with consumers, melding aesthetics, functionality, and sustainability to craft an unboxing experience that leaves a lasting impression.

Photography & Illustration

Where art meets narrative: our illustrations and photos don’t just depict, they tell your brand’s story, creating visual narratives that communicate, connect, and enchant your audience.

Web Design / UX & UI

Steer through the digital realm with web designs that intertwine your brand’s narrative with user-centric experiences, ensuring your online presence isn’t just strong, but also seamlessly engaging and delightful for visitors.


Brand Experience

  • Creative Production
  • Content Strategy
  • Campaign Strategy
  • Social Media Management
  • Employer Branding

Creative Production

Journey through a visual tapestry where each frame is a story and every element an echo of your brand. We artfully stitch imagery, sound, and emotion, creating experiences that not just communicate but captivate, resonating across all platforms.

Content Strategy

We believe content is a two-way street. Our content listens as much as it speaks, crafting conversations that weave empathy and engagement into every message, turning your brand into a relatable and reliable voice amid the digital buzz.

Campaign Strategy

Embark on a strategic voyage, where campaigns touch hearts and ignite actions, not just reach audiences. Through a melody of data, intuition, and creativity, we design campaigns that not merely resonate but remain, aligning seamlessly with your brand’s ethos.

Social Media Management

Navigate the social media seas with us, where your brand becomes more than a poster—it becomes a participant. We create a digital persona that truly interacts and engages, making your brand a familiar, friendly face in your audience’s feeds, sparking conversations, and fostering a lively online community.

Employer Branding

Build a culture where employees become proud brand ambassadors. We create an employer brand that resonates inside and out, weaving narratives that illuminate your values, ensuring an environment that doesn’t just attract but nurtures and propels your brand forward.

Our approach

Strategy and design are like yin and yang, flowing seamlessly into each other. Without a strong strategic foundation, there is no good design, and design, in turn, breathes life into strategy. At KittoKatsu, these two components always work in hand in hand to find the most effective and fitting solutions for your challenges.

KittoKatsu – About Us
KittoKatsu – About Us


Carve out a distinctive market space with KittoKatsu, where we shape your brand perception to not just resonate, but compellingly differentiate itself in the consumer’s mind.


Join us in crafting designs that do more than just look good. We bring your brand’s spirit to life at every touchpoint, creating a visually consistent and resonant identity that boldly tells your story.


Our work

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KittoKatsu – About Us


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