KittoKatsu – Team
KittoKatsu – Team

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Meet you forward-thinking team of Brand Strategists, Designers, and Communication experts. Embracing the agility of our close-knit team at KittoKatsu, we harness the strength of flat hierarchies and intimate client relationships. We work with a vibrant network, including external expertise, ensuring your brand benefits from a wellspring of creativity and innovation.

This is KittoKatsu


KittoKatsu – Team
KittoKatsu – Team

Design is thinking made visual as the designer Saul Bass put it quite rightly – good design is far more than the beautiful appearance or the expression of one’s own taste, but the visualization of an idea/concept.

For me, design means that the goal of every project must be to find a solution tailored to the client that perfectly expresses, in terms of design, what the DNA of his company or product is.

Vera studied graphic design at Parsons School Of Design, New York. Before founding KittoKatsu with Philippe, she worked with her New York partner under Aerogram Studio.

Managing Partner Design


KittoKatsu – Team
KittoKatsu – Team

I love the diversity. The different challenges of the markets. The different sizes of the companies. And most of all, the different characters behind brands.

I’ve done strategic brand management with my great team for: Communications, energy and media groups. For cosmetics and biotech companies. For car manufacturers and machine builders. For real estate managers and exhibition stand builders. For gastronomy and food retail. For consumer goods and hidden champions. Or in short: for established corporations, successful medium-sized companies and up-and-coming start-ups.

Before founding KittoKatsu Philippe worked as a brand strategist for Munich based KMS Team and Blackeight.

Managing Partner Strategy


KittoKatsu – Team
KittoKatsu – Team

For me, design is a combination of functionality and visual aesthetics. It combines qualities like innovation with subjective criteria.

My main focus is illustration. Its versatility makes it possible to create an individual and distinctive visual language for a brand.

Igor graduated from Applied Arts and Design in Kiev and HS Düsseldorf.

Senior Design, Illustration


KittoKatsu – Team
KittoKatsu – Team

„The only important thing about design is how it relates to people.“ – Victor Papanek

Design is not only about looking good, but more importantly about moving and reaching people. As a designer, I see my responsibility in developing concepts that challenge and encourage brands and clients to work together to realize the full potential of an idea.

My main focus is illustration. Working with illustrations I see the perfect opportunity to create a differentiated brand image with strong elements of its own and to make complex topics tangible. It is especially exciting for me to put myself in a brand’s shoes and translate its vision into design.

Clarissa graduated from Mainz University of Applied Sciences with a degree in communication design.

Junior Design


KittoKatsu – Team

Hannah gained her expertise at different stations. As a photographer, she expanded her knowledge in her studies to include retail design and communication design. Specializing in 3D and spatial communication, she brings life to design and creates extraordinary characters for brands. Traveling a lot, Hannah brings a broad horizon of creativity and knowledge to our team!

3D Design


KittoKatsu – Team
KittoKatsu – Team

As a smart poodle, Ando makes the essential decisions and sets the direction.

He is always one hundred percent focused and thus actually a good role model. Whereby he can sometimes be too focused: Eat! Exercise! Sleeping! Still, he’s always a good jogging buddy, chic companion and the office’s calming influence.
Ando’s daily rate: negotiable.