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Injecting Energy into Corporate Design

What Mindset Shapes the Beginning of Corporate Design Development?

Change is never easy. It’s uncomfortable. It demands effort. It requires conviction and the convinced. Yet, it serves as the starting point for the future. For relevance. For the energy needed to embark on a new journey. In the first step, we must be brave if we wish to make a change. This applies to many aspects of life, including the initiation or evolution of corporate design. When it comes to corporate design, we create something new. Something unfamiliar at the outset. We cast our gaze into the future. This calls for openness, the willingness to see the positive in the unknown, and the determination to make bold, non-conformist decisions. With this mindset, groundbreaking corporate designs emerge.

What do you need for excellent Corporate Design?

While competence, an interdisciplinary team, and knowledge of current technical possibilities are undoubtedly essential, they alone are insufficient without passion. Without passion, every corporate design development lacks vitality. Energy is what people perceive as attractive. Only when teams or agencies work with authentic passion can corporate designs emerge that push boundaries, not merely reflecting the present but rather charting the course for the future. Moving from conformity to courage.

What Defines Modern Corporate Design?

Modern corporate designs are like flexible toolkits, adapting to various touchpoints. They are scalable, spanning from print to the point of sale, extending into digital channels and returning to the physical brand experience. Comprising diverse elements unified by a shared concept and visual language, a corporate design never emerges from nothing. It is an expression of a mindset, rendering the core essence of a company visually tangible. Effective corporate design tells a story.

„Never design boring, conformist brands. It just doesn’t work.“

Philippe Henco – Managing Partner Strategie, KittoKatsu

How Important is the Logo in Corporate Design?

It’s important, but not too important! Captivating corporate designs speak for themselves. They are so expressive that elements can be omitted, yet they maintain their distinctiveness and impact. In modern corporate designs, you’ll discover unique design elements, distinctive colors, bold typography, attention-grabbing illustrations, and special systems. This ensures they are never interchangeable.

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