KittoKatsu – 5YN3RGY
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In collaboration with the Düsseldorf-based real estate developer CODIC, we’ve embarked on an exciting journey to redefine traditional real estate communication. Rather than presenting mundane specifications, we are emphasizing the emotional value embodied by the 5YN3RGY project.

5YN3RGY represents a groundbreaking Work, Life, Play building located in Düsseldorf’s Medienhafen. Designed by the internationally acclaimed architecture firm UNStudio, it is set to become a new landmark in the Medienhafen area. Our partnership with CODIC has encompassed the comprehensive development of the building’s communicative positioning, including strategy, content, and visuals. This holistic approach covers the creation of a unique brand identity, messaging, corporate design, website design, communication materials, interactive on-site experiences, and media activation.

5YN3RGY – Come for the space. Stay for the community.

KittoKatsu – 5YN3RGY
KittoKatsu – 5YN3RGY
KittoKatsu – 5YN3RGY

„Bei CODIC sind wir auf ein Team getroffen, das neue Wege gehen möchte, ehrgeizig ist und sich nicht mit dem Status Quo zufrieden gibt – so werden Marken zu Wegbereitern.“

Philippe Henco – Managing Partner Strategy, KittoKatsu