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KittoKatsu – Communication Concepts

Empathetic Communication

What Defines Good Communication?

Good communication is clear in its explanation, distinctly recognizable, and empathetically engaging. However, it also simultaneously pushes the boundaries of its category, being brave and ambitious in describing a new market. It doesn’t merely repeat what’s already known. It doesn’t pander. Instead, it carries a tailored signature.

Brand & Communication: How Do They Come Together?

It’s evident that communication is rooted in the brand. It serves as the unchanging foundation for the development of tone and expression. It becomes outstanding when it consistently feels the same at every touchpoint, yet remains flexible within a spectrum to adapt to the specific channel as needed. It is only with this intentional dynamism that it stays fresh and appealing.

What Characterizes Non-Replaceable Narratives?

Brands and products require a narrative. The narrative is a hybrid of values, benefits, and evidence of the promises made. Unfortunately, amidst the trend of ‚every startup feeling like a unicorn,‘ it has become a frequently interchangeable set of standard phrases. High aspirations combined with promises to change the world (the well-known ‚Why‘) do not automatically create a compelling narrative. Good narratives emerge when a brand/product is described with honesty and genuine passion. Exceptional stories are born when there is something real to tell, something ambitious.

Effective Communication for Product Promotion

Communicating about products is an art. In an environment saturated with messages, it’s crucial to quickly convey the purpose and uniqueness of a product to trigger a purchase impulse in our consumers. The seamless integration of content, messaging, and activation is essential. Only then does our product stand out from the competition. Traditional approaches rarely work here. Instead, it takes bold approaches that positively break through learned patterns. Tailored solutions with character are the key.

„It takes customized solutions with character. We take the time to understand each problem, explore possibilities, and collaboratively develop a thoughtful and outstanding solution with our clients.“

Philippe Henco – Managing Partner Strategy, KittoKatsu

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