KittoKatsu – Projekte

German Design Award

Wir freuen uns über den German Design Award Special 2023 für unser Klima + Kirche Projekt 🙌


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KittoKatsu – Projekte

New Fall Festival 2023

Evoking fall vibes
KittoKatsu – Projekte

Ping Café

Influences are merging in this brand identity for Ping café
KittoKatsu – Projekte

Kyvetin Skin Repair for pets

Making a pet care product stand out

QiQu active Performance Skin Care

Branding a skin care product for athletes

Nakoa Digital

Riding the digital wave of retail media

Post/er Child

Expressing diversity through color
KittoKatsu – Projekte


Immersing into dreamlike waves of sleep

Nyyukin Jewelry

Web design with a bespoke immersive shopping experience


Breaking through the usual minimalism of real estate
KittoKatsu – Projekte

Jooma Yogurt

Vegan dairy is going bold
KittoKatsu – Projekte

Ehrenhof Open Festival

Making sculptures dance
KittoKatsu – Projekte

Happy Days by Chammi

Redefining femininity and period-positivity
KittoKatsu – Projekte

Nachbär Wohnen

Giving a face to a warm and sustainable neighborhood

Mercator Go

Sparking the desire for international exchange

Klima + Kirche Erzbistum Köln

Sustainability for a new generation
KittoKatsu – Projekte


Maturity meets playfulness in brand refresh
KittoKatsu – Projekte

Beni Tonka Identity

Translating deliciousness into an identity
KittoKatsu – Projekte

QiQu SOS Skin Repair

The game changer in skin health
KittoKatsu – Projekte

Nyyukin Pop Up Store

Translating a brand experience into a store design


Making leasing fun and engaging
KittoKatsu – Projekte

Tubulis Identity

Shaking up the visual landscape of life science start-ups
KittoKatsu – Projekte

TEDxKoenigsallee Identity

X stands for future