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KittoKatsu – Illustration Design

Illustration Design with Empathy

Why Illustrations in Brand Development?

Illustrations aid in conveying complex information playfully, narrating lively brand stories, and creating powerful symbols with impact. They can even become a core component of an entire corporate design, thus optimally extending classic elements like logos, colors, and visual motifs. In every application, illustrations offer the opportunity to develop a high visual distinctiveness and brand recognition.

What Distinguishes Strong Illustrations?

Strong illustrations are developed from the core of the brand. They have their own style and convey energy. They are highly distinctive and precisely tailored to the brand story. This requires a close collaboration between brand strategy and design to find images that are perfectly aligned with the content.

„Emphasizing professionalism is crucial. Infusing a sense of ease is paramount. And, of course, injecting enjoyment. KittoKatsu epitomizes empathetic design.“

Vera Henco – Managing Partner Strategy, KittoKatsu

Are Illustrations Allowed to be Playful?

The joy in human interaction arises from sympathetic, approachable moments. Illustrations for brands can fulfill this function as well. They enliven brands, give them a face, provide simple starting points for engagement, or even interaction. With a twinkle in their eye, they can bridge the gap between brand and consumer. For this purpose, illustrations are allowed to be playful – but never silly.

Where Can Illustrations Be Utilized?

Clever illustrations should be designed to scale easily across the various touch points of a brand. This provides brand identities with a simple means to establish recognition across diverse touchpoints. Characterful illustrations can even become so iconic that reliance on a logo for brand identification can be greatly reduced. They energetically uplift brands and become the central communication element.

For Whom Do We Develop Illustrations?

  • Consumer Goods / Grocery
  • Food / Beverages
  • Healthcare / OTC
  • Life Science / Pharma
  • Beauty / Fashion
  • Automotive / Mobility
  • Start-Ups
  • and many more