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Holistic packaging design

What Are The Key Aspects That Must Align for Effective Packaging Design?

Only through the interplay of strategic positioning, precise messaging, and striking design do packagings become strong. When positioning and messaging are not aligned, potential customers may not understand what kind of product it is or how it differentiates itself from others in its category. If the design is not engaging and surprising, the product loses the vital ability to stand out among the diversity of products. At the point of sale, brands often have only a few seconds to convince consumers. But even in the digital landscape, intensive visual stimuli are needed to capture attention for a product.

What Characteristics Does Packaging Design Need for a Differentiated Brand Presence?

In increasingly crowded markets, it’s essential to challenge conventions to unlock potential and redefine categories. That’s why we provide comprehensive support to our clients in the development of packaging, starting well before the actual design phase. From product positioning and naming to engaging messaging and distinctive aesthetics, we question and cultivate differentiating approaches. Because only those who boldly forge ahead will shape the future.

How to Effectively Integrate Packaging Design and Corporate Design?

In the creation or evolution of brands through packaging design, the scalability of the developed elements takes center stage. Effective identities come to life when they work across various touchpoints and ensure strong brand recognition, whether in in-store marketing, at trade shows, across diverse communication materials, or in digital applications like display ads and marketplace content & advertisement.

„Packaging design is much more than just the external appearance. It is the optimal combination of brand and product positioning, precisely developed claims and the rapid communication of information as well as information enthusiasm.“

Vera Henco, Creative Director KittoKatsu

Who Do We Assist in Packaging Development?

  • Consumer Goods / Grocery
  • Food / Beverages
  • Healthcare / OTC
  • Life Science
  • Beauty / Fashion
  • Automotive / Mobility
  • Start-Ups