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Established by three seasoned industry professionals, Nakoa.Digital is a well-regarded agency specializing in marketplace management, retail media, and performance marketing. With an extensive track record in the marketplace sector, Nakoa.Digital has risen to prominence as a leading agency in both Germany and the Netherlands.
Nakoa’s guiding principle, „Nakoa would go,“ draws its inspiration from the legendary Hawaiian surfer, Eddie Aikau. Much like Eddie’s fearless approach to riding waves and rescuing fellow surfers, the phrase „Eddie would go“ has become synonymous with courage and an intimate understanding of the ocean’s challenges.

This very spirit lies at the core of our newly developed brand identity, encapsulated by „Nakoa would go.“ Our brand seamlessly blends courage, agility, and a hint of charm, consistently reflecting Nakoa’s profound expertise. Infused with emotional storytelling, our brand transports you to the enchanting world of Hawaii, where the art of skillful surfing serves as a metaphor for navigating the often intricate realm of online marketplaces. This storytelling approach vividly conveys the courageous spirit of „Nakoa would go“ and effectively communicates the value we bring in a memorable manner.
At the heart of our digital brand is our brand-new website, which has undergone a collaborative transformation with NAKOA to ensure user-friendly navigation while pushing the boundaries of visual innovation in the industry. Dynamic and playful illustrations elegantly convey our attitude and content, complemented by expressive typography within precise text modules.

KittoKatsu – Nakoa Digital
KittoKatsu – Nakoa Digital
KittoKatsu – Nakoa Digital