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KittoKatsu – Klima + Kirche Erzbistum Köln

Klima + Kirche Erzbistum Köln


Erzbistum Köln

God created earth. So who, if not the Catholic Church, has the task of preserving creation? In the modern context, this preservation translates to a focus on climate protection and sustainable practices. Pope Francis has provided a clear mandate for action to that effect within the Catholic Church.

In the vast Archdiocese of Cologne, a dedicated department was established to effectively integrate this crucial theme into the parishes. KittoKatsu partnered with the Archdiocese of Cologne to develop an engaging communication concept, rebranded as ‚Climate + Church,‘ which addressed both strategic elements, such as narrative and messaging, and a visually refreshing program that departs from tradition.

The outcome is a compelling communication approach for one of the church’s most significant 21st-century challenges. Here’s an excerpt from the narrative, which formulates a powerful claim and sets a new direction:“We are Christians. With body and soul and brain and heart and blood. And that means for us: we care about our world. And very specifically: for our environment. About the climate. About sustainability. About our creation. For that, you have to give it your all. Thinking anew. Rationally and with heart. Follow science. And inspire our fellow human beings for this path. Let’s start the radical ecological reversal together in small steps. Let us shape climate protection. As our topic. As our responsibility. Out of our faith. Out of our world view. Out of our charity. As our contribution in this century. It is time. Let’s show the world how we as Christians take responsibility.“

We are happy to have received a German Design Award Special Mention for this project!

KittoKatsu – Klima + Kirche Erzbistum Köln
KittoKatsu – Klima + Kirche Erzbistum Köln
KittoKatsu – Klima + Kirche Erzbistum Köln

„The Archdiocese of Cologne has courageously questioned conventions and norms in order to make the topic of responsibility for creation relevant for the 21st century, both visually and in terms of content.“

Philippe Henco – Managing Partner Strategy, KittoKatsu