KittoKatsu – Mercator Go
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Mercator Go


Stiftung Mercator

The Mercator Go program offers trainees from all professional backgrounds the chance to gain international work experience in Turkey and China. To match this innovative and ambitious program, we developed a unique design that appeals to young participants and encourages them to explore the world.

Our design approach combines vibrant colors, modern typography and playful illustrations to present the program in a Gen-Z appropriate and memorable style. We drew inspiration from diverse cultures, language, and the international workplace to create a visual experience that captures the exciting possibilities of the Mercator Go program.

KittoKatsu – Mercator Go
KittoKatsu – Mercator Go
KittoKatsu – Junges Mädhcen, Kaffee, Mercator Go Aufkleber, Tisch, Bücherregal

„With our vibrant and youthful design for Mercator Go, we created a visual identity that captures the adventurous spirit of the younger generation and inspires them to shape their own international experiences.“

Vera Henco – Managing Partner Design, KittoKatsu